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We recognize finding true north
is more than simply giving each student
the same path, map, and compass.

Philosophy of Learning

Guiding children to discover their personal true north requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach. At True North Academy AZ™, we offer an individualized learning experience that is tailored to your child’s unique needs. To find the right path, our educators bring together rigorous, evidence-based instruction that encourages critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and self-management. They also understand that our young students may need varying degrees of support on any given task, topic, or day.

You wouldn’t dream of building a house on a shaky foundation. Education should be approached in the same way. Skills in reading, writing, spelling and math are taught explicitly and practiced to mastery. History, Social Studies, and Science are taught in a variety of ways including explicit instruction, project-based, inquiry-based, and flipped classroom learning.

Merely giving students information does not equate to an increase in knowledge. While some schools boast about their rigorous curriculum, for many, it is little more than presenting information and then moving on to a new topic. Teachers are actively engaged in “teaching,” but the students are not actively engaged in “learning.” Because students must engage in the content with hands-on opportunities to make connections with what they already know, True North Academy guides child's experiences while challenging them. Our approach allows students to ask questions, make mistakes, receive and understand feedback, and maintain curiosity while meeting their individual needs and goals. 

a series of small things brought together.”           
                                                                   -Vincent van Gogh

Great things are done by

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