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Teacher Job Description 

Are you a positive, passionate, life-long learner who brings joy and creativity to the classroom? If so, then bring your talents to join our small team of educators who do the same. We are looking for a fellow professional to collaborate with, who is willing to work diligently to create an individualized and engaging learning environment for a mixed age group of students, and support them academically and socially. Our school culture is one that believes in developing the whole child. 

We provide student-centered, interdisciplinary, personalized learning that matches the pace of the curriculum to each individual student, while spending time diving into areas of student interest in greater depth. We mentor our students, facilitate their learning, and encourage them to take healthy, personal risks. We utilize a project-based learning approach. The person who fills this position will teach all subjects, and if interested, may also teach non-typical subjects (for example, filmmaking, robotics, music, coding, culinary, etc.), to a small group of mixed age students. Our students may be gifted and or have a unique learning disability such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia or ADHD.   

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