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Our mission at True North Academy AZ™ is to create learning opportunities that unlock the genius within each student by cultivating creative thinking within a content-rich curriculum while providing individualized, evidence-based instruction.


At True North Academy AZ™, we strive to meet our student’s unique learning needs. Our educators work to maximize student potential, recognize strengths and abilities, develop innate talents, and support perseverance as they become life-long learners who will thrive as individuals and make positive contributions to their community.

child and imagination


We believe in providing educational therapies that improve on our students' skills through explicit, multisensory instruction.

We believe in the science of reading

We believe that our students should have access to rich content that builds their background knowledge and shapes their perspective of the world around them. 

We believe in the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

We believe in neurodiversity, the benefits of ADHD, and the dyslexic advantage

We believe that executive functioning skills go beyond inattention or hyperactivity and are important to learning and success. 

We believe that mistakes are an important part of the learning process. 

We believe in providing our students with the opportunity to go beyond where their natural talents lie to find their “element” or true north. 

We believe our students can become the next great entrepreneurs, inventors, leaders, and visionaries of the 21st century

We believe in dedicating ourselves to helping students fall in love with learning

We believe in the “pedagogy of kindness.”

We believe in empowering our teachers

We believe in the power of human imagination

We believe that imagination and creativity are just as important as knowledge. 

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