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Multisensory Math & Structured Literacy For All Students.

In the absence of an IEP, our team will work with you to provide an Individualized Service Plan.

More intensive support for students without IEPs

Individualized Education Program (IEP) Support

True North Academy AZ™ specializes in teaching students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD). These challenges have nothing to do with I.Q. Students with learning differences are bright, capable, and sometimes gifted learners. Unlike other schools, special education is an extension of what we offer, not separated from it.

Share Your Journey With Us

Share your journey with us. As part of your enrollment process, our team will schedule a meeting to discuss your child’s current IEP. We will evaluate how the goals were written and if they truly meet your child’s needs. Through our experiences, we have found that many IEPs are missing critical components necessary for success. If that is the case, we will work with you to make improvements. We go beyond just servicing minutes. Our educators collaborate to provide explicit instruction in reading, math, writing, and executive functioning skills. Because we offer personalized learning for all students,  remediation is not at the expense of other subjects. 

Please contact us if the concerns about your child’s lack of progress in reading have gone unaddressed by your current school. We will gladly provide resources and information to help you through this process. 

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