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Private Microschool Pod in the Scottsdale Area

True North Academy AZ™ is a private microschool serving Scottsdale and the surrounding areas.

True North Academy is a private microschool pod of six students from 3rd - 6th grade.  What is a microschool?  We  are a homeschool co-op or group of homeschoolers with a private teacher, Ms. Haley.  We offer individualized learning plans (ILPs) in a small class setting.  This means that each student has their own learning plan that meets them where they are and goes at their pace.  Each day we begin with 30 minutes of our wonderful supplemental social-emotional curriculum as we practice mindfulness and learn how to identify and process our emotions.

Every student deserves a good schooling option where they can feel good about themselves and be nurtured not just as a student but as a whole person.

If your child has been struggling academically and/or socially or you are curious about how small class sizes and individualized learning can benefit your family please reach out to us.  


Many of our students may have hidden or diagnosed disabilities, such as  ADHD, ASD, auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia or other language-based learning disabilities, giftedness, and sensory processing sensitivities.  Our educational methods work for neurotypical and neurodiverse students, and all are welcome to apply.

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Get In Touch

To learn about how True North can help your child thrive in school, speak to a parent of an existing student, or kick off the enrollment process, contact us today.

"My daughter was struggling to learn and feeling less than. We needed to find a better option. True North Academy welcomed her with open arms and really understood her struggles and designed a program specifically for her and met her where she was at. She is now thriving emotionally and educationally. She no longer dreads going to school and her confidence is back. True North has been a game changer."

Parent of a second-grade student

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